Bagged Cement Products

Concrete Mix

Blue Circle® Concrete Mix is a blend of specially graded sand, cement and aggregate that is designed for use by the everyday tradesperson and home handy person. Typical uses for Concrete Mix include all general applications where a quality concrete is required, such as garden edges, slabs, foot paths, post holes and footings.

Conflex Tile Adhesive

Bostik Asa Conflex Tile Adhesive is a premium rubber modified tile adhesive that is has excellent all-around properties' Making it suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use.

General Purpose (Type A) Cement

Blue Circle® General Purpose Cement is a Portland Cement that complies with Australian Standard 3972, type GP. General Purpose Cement is manufactured to produce a stronger early age strength than Grey (Builders) Cement. This makes it very popular with professional trade’s people for use in concrete, mortar, render, grout etc., and very suitable for projects around the home.

Grey (Builders) Cement

Blue Circle® Grey (Builders) Cement is a versatile general purpose blended cement that conforms with Australian Standard 3972, type GB. It is specifically produced for use in areas such as cement rendering, brick and block-work masonry, construction mortars, cement bedding and concreting etc.

Hydrated Lime

‘Adelaide Brighton’ Hydrated Lime is a product that conforms to Australian Standard 1672.1 ‘Limes for Building’. It is mainly used to enhance the plasticity and binding qualities of render, and improve the durability of mortar, but it also has a vast range of uses around gardens and farms.

Megafix Tile Adhesive

Bostik Megafix Tile Adhesive is the ultimate bright white wall adhesive, perfect for bathrooms, mosaics, or anywhere a brilliant white adhesive is needed.

Off White Cement

BlueCircle® Off White Cement is a general purpose cement that complies with Australian Standard 3972, type GP. This Off White Cement is produced from a specially manufactured, light coloured portland cement clinker, which gives it its trademark colour.

Premium Clay

Blue Circle® Premium Clay is a finely milled, air separated 'Fire Clay'. Known by many names such as Ball Clay, Builder's Clay or Render Clay, Premium Clay is a high plasticity Kaolin Clay with high dry strength and refractory properties.

Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete 20kg bag

Blue Circle® Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete is a dry blend of specially graded aggregate, sand, and cement, which is mixed with a special additive to create a fast setting concrete mix. It is ideal for any application where a lower than normal strength concrete is acceptable. Uses include concreting in letterboxes, clothes lines, post holes etc.

Sand & Cement Mix

Blue Circle® Sand & Cement Mix is a blend of specially graded sand and cement binders, designed for the everyday tradesperson and home handy person. This product is used for all kinds of render patchwork, cement bedding for pavers and tiles, concrete repair work, and many other types of general landscaping and applications.

Special Purpose (Low Heat) Cement

Blue Circle® Special Purpose (Low Heat) Cement is a specially engineered cement that conforms to Australian Standards 3972 types LH and SR. Special Purpose (Low Heat) Cement provides the maximum concrete life expectancy possible for each job.

Synthetic Lime (EcoSYN)

EcoSYN-Lime is a revolutionary, non-hazardous, and biodegradable replacement of Hydrated Lime for rendering and bricklaying purposes. It is a dry powder lime that enhances all mortar mixes by making them stickier, more workable, stronger and more flexible.

Ultra Mastik Tile Adhesive

Bostik Ultra Mastik Tile Adhesive is a white tile adhesive with superior anti-slip / non-slump properties. This makes Ultra Mastik the perfect large format tile adhesive, easily holding 600 x 600mm tiles in place.

Uni Sand

Blue Circle® Uni-Sand is a superfine, dried and processed, high purity washed sand. Commonly used for a filler on top of Synthetic Turf, Uni-Sand has a wide range of uses from sand pits and aviary floors to rendering and sandblasting.