Couch (Nullabor Couch)

If you are looking for a perfectly manicured lawn that will stand out above the rest, then Nullabor Couch is your ideal turf. By far the easiest of the Couch varieties to maintain, when properly cared for Nullabor Couch will provide you with the perfectly manicured lawn.

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DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo

DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo is number 1 in all around lawn performance. If you are looking for a lush green turf that is beautifully soft under foot, and will completely outperform all others, then look no further than Sir Walter Buffalo; Australia's Number 1 Buffalo lawn.

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Kikuyu (Eureka Kikuyu)

Eureka Kikuyu is renowned for being the best performing Kikuyu available. This turf is a hardy, well rounded and economical solution for your lawn. It is very popular due to its versatility and rapid repairing properties.

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