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Besser Block Caps – Grey 200mm Series Grey 200mm Series Besser Block Caps are laid on top of a finished Besser Block wall using ‘brickies’ mortar. This provides a clean finish to the wall, hiding the internal core fill. read more Besser Blocks – Grey 200mm Series Grey 200mm Series Besser Blocks are the most common blocks used by landscapers for retaining walls and structural walls. They provide a clean looking finish that can be rendered for that extra touch of class. read more Common Bricks Common Bricks are a high compression standard brick that are used for a range of applications from brick walls to fireplaces. They are often rendered for a clean finish. read more Concrete Step and Riser Brighten up any steps, new or old, with these stylish Step & Risers. read more LockBlock Mortarless Grey Block Lockblocks are a mortar-less interlocking block system that provide a stronger and faster alternative to standard masonry. read more Tree Surround Circle These Tree Surrounds are used to highlight any tree or small garden, turning them into an attractive feature for any job. read more Tree Surround Square Concrete Tree Surround Squares are great for highlighting any tree or small garden, turning them into an attractive feature on any project. read more

W250s 100L Gardener’s Steel Tray Wheelbarrow

Parklea Sand & Soil offers a wide range of quality made EasyMix Wheelbarrows to suit any application. Our W250 Gardener’s Steel Tray Wheelbarrow is a lightweight entry level wheelbarrow, that is both economic yet durable. Its 100 litre Steel Tray provides extra strength then the Poly Tray option without sacrificing significant weight; weighing in at only 16kgs. Like the Poly Tray option, the W250s is supported by a 30mm powder coated, flat bar undercarriage, and 25mm upright supports, making it perfect for any backyard gardener or ‘DIYer’. OVERVIEW – 100 Litre Capacity Steel Tray – Zinc Coated 25 x 50mm Steel Handles – Powder Coated 30mm Flat Bar Undercarriage – 25mm Upright Supports – 16” x 4-8 Pneumatic 4 Ply Tyre – Steel RIm and 25mm Axle – Weight: 16kg