Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete 20kg bag

Blue Circle® Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete is a dry blend of specially graded aggregate, sand, and cement, which is mixed with a special additive to create a fast setting concrete mix. It is ideal for any application where a lower than normal strength concrete is acceptable. Uses include concreting in letterboxes, clothes lines, post holes etc.

It is very popular due to its ease of use. No mixing is required, or advisable.


Simply pour 1.5 litres of clean water into a hole along with half the contents of the bag. Poke the hole with a steel rod to force water into the mix, and empty the remainder of the bag into the hole. Add an extra 0.5 litres of water into the hole and pack the mix down again with the rod. Compact the surface of the mixture and leave the mix to set. It is recommended to support or brace any post etc. for 15 minutes,  to allow it time to properly set.

For More Information on Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete please refer to the Product Data Sheet below:

Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete Product Data Sheet