Landscape Supplies

ZAM® Steel Edging Lengths

Formboss ZAM® Steel Edging is a heavy-duty steel edging with a 15-year Structural Guarantee. Formboss ZAM® Steel Edging vastly outperforms Galvanised Steel in all facets. It has superior strength, durability and corrosive properties; comparable only to Stainless Steel, however at a significantly lower price point.

Our ZAM® Steel Edging gives you a bright and modern finish, perfect for enhancing clean straight lines and beautiful continuous sweeping curves. Its incredible durability makes ZAM® Steel Edging perfect for a wide range of applications which include vegetable & garden beds, tree surrounds and even small retaining walls.

W250p 100L Gardener’s Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

Parklea Sand & Soil offers a wide range of quality made EasyMix Wheelbarrows to suit any application. Our W250 Gardener’s Poly Tray Wheelbarrow is a lightweight entry level wheelbarrow, that is both economic yet durable. Its 100 litre Poly Tray is supported by a 30mm powder coated, flat bar undercarriage, and 25mm upright supports. Weighing only 13kgs this wheelbarrow is perfect for the backyard gardener or ‘DIYer’. OVERVIEW – 100 Litre Capacity Poly Tray – Zinc Coated 25 x 50mm Steel Handles – Powder Coated 30mm Flat Bar Undercarriage – 25mm Upright Supports – 16” x 4-8 Pneumatic 4 Ply Tyre – Steel RIm and 25mm Axle – Weight: 13kg

Bagged Cement Products

Concrete Mix Blue Circle® Concrete Mix is a blend of specially graded sand, cement and aggregate that is designed for use by the everyday tradesperson and home handy person. Typical uses for Concrete Mix include all general applications where a quality concrete is required, such as garden edges, slabs, foot paths, post holes and footings. read more Conflex Tile Adhesive Bostik Asa Conflex Tile Adhesive is a premium rubber modified tile adhesive that is has excellent all-around properties' Making it suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use. read more General Purpose (Type A) Cement Blue Circle® General Purpose Cement is a Portland Cement that complies with Australian Standard 3972, type GP. General Purpose Cement is manufactured to produce a stronger early age strength than Grey (Builders) Cement. This makes it very popular with professional trade’s people for use in concrete, mortar, render, grout etc., and very suitable for projects around the home. read more Grey (Builders) Cement Blue Circle® Grey (Builders) Cement is a versatile general purpose blended cement that conforms with Australian Standard 3972, type GB. It is specifically produced for use in areas such as cement rendering, brick and block-work masonry, construction mortars, cement bedding and concreting etc. read more Hydrated Lime ‘Adelaide Brighton’ Hydrated Lime is a product that conforms to Australian Standard 1672.1 ‘Limes for Building’. It is mainly used to enhance the plasticity and binding qualities of render, and improve the durability of mortar, but it also has a vast range of uses around gardens [...]