Off White Cement

Blue Circle® Off White Cement is a general purpose cement that complies with Australian Standard 3972, type GP. This Off White Cement is produced from a specially manufactured, light coloured Portland cement clinker, which gives it its trademark colour.

When blended with selected sands, aggregates and oxides, the unique colour of Blue Circle® Off White Cement makes it the perfect cement for decorative finishes in a wide range of brick and block-work mortar, rendering, exposed aggregate pavements etc.


Below are the standard mix ratios required for some of the most popular applications of Off White Cement:

                      Cement        Sand         Aggregate

Concrete         1 part         2 parts         3 parts

Render            1 part         4 parts             –

Mortar             1 part         6 parts             –        +1 Hydrated Lime

For More Information on Off White Cement please refer to the Product Data Sheet below:

Off White Cement Product Data Sheet