Reinforced Steel Products

50/60mm Concrete Chairs

Concrete Chairs are used to set Reinforced Steel Concrete Mesh or Reinforced Steel Trench Mesh upon. These chairs can be used to set a 50mm or 60mm space.

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Reinforced Steel Trench Mesh 200mm

Trench Mesh is a reinforcing mesh that is used to reinforce concrete footings and beams etc., in residential and industrial construction. It is available in a 6 metre x 200mm x 8mm sheet.

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Reinforced Steel Ute Mesh (Concrete Mesh)

Also know as “Reo-Mesh” or “Reinforcing Mesh”, Concrete ‘Ute’ Mesh is a reinforced steel product that is cut into a conveniently sized 4 x 2 metre sheet. It is available in F62 and F72 thicknesses.

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