Synthetic Lime (EcoSYN)

EcoSYN-Lime is a revolutionary, non-hazardous, and biodegradable replacement of Hydrated Lime for rendering and bricklaying purposes.

It is a dry powder lime that enhances all mortar mixes by making them stickier, more workable, stronger and more flexible.

EcoSYN-Lime offers an array of benefits to every mix as it adds up to 10% more volume to the mix, whilst reducing water use by 50%. It provides a cleaner finish with no blowouts, chipping or cracking of your mortar or render, and allows your mix a longer work-ability window before it goes off.

EcoSYN-Lime is available in the convenient sizes of 600gram and 2.4kg bags

One 600gram bag of EcoSYN-Lime completely replaces a 20kg bag of Hydrated Lime.


For usage rates and more general information EcoSYN-Lime click the Product Data Sheet:

EcoSyn Product Data Sheet