Agricultural Line (Slotted)

Commonly referred to as Ag-Pipe, Ag-Line or Draincoil, Slotted Agricultural Line is a flexible, corrugated drainage pipe. It is used by landscapers, plumbers, civil contractors etc. to divert water flow in all situations, such as behind retaining walls, in gardens, underneath lawns, paths, houses etc.

The slotted pipe not only allows for water transfer, but also allows water to be collected and slowly redistributed.

Socked Varieties are also available where it is necessary to prevent soil and sediments entering and clogging up the pipe.
We strongly recommend using the Socked Ag-Line wherever possible

Agricultural Line is available in these sizes:

  • 50mm x 20 Metre Roll
  • 65mm x 10 Metre Roll
  • 65mm x 20 Metre Roll