Agricultural Line (Slotted) – With Sock

Commonly referred to as Ag-Pipe, Ag-Line or Draincoil, Slotted Agricultural Line is a flexible, corrugated drainage pipe.
It is used in all facets of work from landscaping & plumbing, to civil contracting and the like. Ag-Lines do a great job at diverting water flow in all situations, such as in gardens, underneath lawns, paths, houses etc. and they are absolutely CRUCIAL behind Retaining Walls!

The slotted pipe not only allows for water transfer, but also allows water to be collected and slowly redistributed.

The protective sock prevents soil and sediments entering and clogging up the pipe, and is highly recommended over the standard Ag-Line.

Agricultural Line is available in these sizes:

  • Socked 65mm x 10 Metre Roll
  • Socked 65mm x 20 Metre Roll
  • Socked 100mm x 10 Metre Roll
  • Socked 100mm x 20 Metre Roll