Natural Aggregates & Quarry Products

Blue Metal Dust

Blue Metal Dust is the crushed residue of natural Blue Metal and is also known as a natural Crusher Dust and 5mm Minus due to its particle sizing. Blue Metal Dust is extremely versatile. It is very clean, easy to spread and compacts down hard, making it an ideal base for underneath artificial lawns, paving, pathways, driveways and concreting just to name a few.

5 – 7mm Drainage Aggregate

5-7mm Crushed River Gravel, also known as 5mm or 7mm CRG, is a natural product used for back-filling trenches, around PVC and Ag-Pipe, and for drainage behind retaining walls.
As this is a natural construction product, the colour of the rock varies from a light grey, to blue, to brown in colour.
One of the main uses of 5 and 7mm CRG, is as a drainage layer for Bio-Retention Pits, also commonly known as Rain Gardens.