W900s 100L Heavy Duty Blue Steel Tray Wheelbarrow

Parklea Sand & Soil offers a wide range of quality made EasyMix Wheelbarrows to suit any application.

The W900s 100L Heavy Duty Blue Steel Tray Wheelbarrow is part of our premium range of Heavy Duty, Trade & Contractor Wheelbarrows. Its superior build strength and design makes this wheelbarrow ideal for use everyday. Whether you are looking for a heavy duty wheelbarrow for your job site or something reliable for everyday use at home, the W900s is sure to keep up with your demands.

With a seamless 1.2mm, 100 litre powder coated steel tray and 7mm Poly impact board, the W900s is one of the most durable wheelbarrows on the market. This is supported by 32mm cross tray support bars, 32mm upright supports, and a powder coated 32mm Undercarriage. Weighing in at 28kg, the W900s is the lightest of our premium range of Heavy Duty, Trade & Contractor Wheelbarrows.



– 100 Litre 1.2mm Seamless Powder Coated Steel Tray
– Powder Coated Steel Handles 57 x 35mm
– Soft Contoured Handle Grips
– 1.2mm Steel Impact Board
– Heavy Duty 32mm Powder Coated Undercarriage
– 32mm Upright Supports
– 16 x 6.5 x 8 Poly Rim Flat Free Tyre
– Heavy Duty Steel Rim and 25mm Solid Axle
– 32mm Cross Tray Support Bars
– Large Lifting Hook
– Heavy Duty 4mm Nose Guard
– Weight: 28kg