Choosing the Perfect Garden Mulch

Welcome to a world of vibrant and thriving gardens, where the key to lush greenery lies in choosing the perfect garden mulch. At Parklea, we present a spectrum of mulching options, each crafted to cater to specific needs, from the environmentally friendly Black Wood Chip to the nutrient-rich Sugar Cane. Delve into our guide and discover the transformative possibilities that these mulches bring to your garden, providing both aesthetic appeal and essential nourishment for your beloved plants.

1. Black Wood Chip Mulch:

Aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly, Black Wood Chip Mulch not only decorates your garden but also retains moisture and prevents weeds. Ranging from 10-50mm, it’s a versatile option. For an environmentally friendly option with a decorative touch, consider the Black Wood Chip Mulch, boasting fines for moisture retention and weed prevention.

Black Wood Chip Mulch: High-quality organic mulch for gardens and landscaping.


2. Cypress Pine Mulch:

Known for its natural termite-resistant properties and appealing look, Cypress Pine Mulch blends finely shredded wood chips, ideal for moisture retention and weed suppression. The natural Cypress oils add a pleasant citrus aroma to your garden. Cypress Pine Mulch is a popular choice for its appealing look, natural termite resistance, and pleasant citrus aroma.

High-quality Cypress Pine Mulch for Sustainable Landscaping | Parklea Sand & Soil


3. Cypress Pine Wood Chip:

With a light colour and ranging from 20-30mm, Cypress Pine Wood Chip offers a decorative touch. Its natural oils make it resistant to White Ants/Termites, emitting a delightful fragrance. If you prefer a light-coloured wood chip with termite resistance, Cypress Pine Wood Chip is an excellent option.

A close-up view of high-quality cypress pine wood chip from Parklea Sand and Soil, providing a natural and attractive ground covering solution.


4. Eucalyptus Mulch:

Similar to Cypress Pine Mulch but without White Ant/Termite resistance, Eucalyptus Mulch blends finely shredded wood chips, offering excellent moisture retention and weed control.

Eucalyptus Mulch - Natural, Sustainable Garden Mulch from Parklea Sand and Soil


5. Leaf Mulch:

Derived from Gum Trees, Leaf Mulch combines fine and larger leaf litter pieces. It’s decorative, and available in composted and fresh forms, with composted variants being better for optimal plant growth.

Premium Leaf Mulch for Natural Garden Nourishment - Parklea Sand and Soil


6. Pine Bark: 10mm:

Clean and graded to 10-15mm, 10mm Pine Bark is a premium product with a rich brown colour, devoid of ‘White Wood’ content, making it an attractive addition to any garden.

High-quality Pine Bark (10mm) - Enhance Your Garden with Organic Mulch


7. Pine Bark: 25mm:

Similar to the 10mm variant, 25mm Pine Bark, with its deep brown colour, is an attractive and clean natural product shredded from Pine Trees’ bark.

remium Pine Bark Mulch - Ideal for Landscaping and Gardening | Parklea Sand and Soil


8. Simpson Red Wood Chip:

Dyed red for a decorative touch, Simpson Red Wood Chip, ranging from 20-50mm, is slow to break down, maintaining its vibrant colour for an extended period.

Simpson Red Wood Chip - Premium Mulch for Landscaping and Gardening at Parklea Sand and Soil


9. Soft Fall “Playsafe” Certified Pine Bark:

Designed for playground surfacing, this soft round Pine Bark complies with safety standards, ensuring a secure play environment.

Soft Fall PlaySafe Certified Bark: High-Quality Playground Surfacing Material by Parklea Sand & Soil


10. Lucerne Mulch:

For sustainable nutrient content, Lucerne Mulch is a premier choice. It feeds your garden for up to six months, providing organic nutrients and fostering Earthworm activity.

Lucerne Mulch - Premium Organic Ground Cover for Healthy Gardens | Parklea Sand & Soil


11. Sugar Cane Mulch – 10m2 Bales:

A fine yellow mulch made from shredded Australian organic Sugar Cane, Sugar Cane Mulch is rich in nutrients, promoting soil rejuvenation and Earthworm production.

Premium Sugar Cane Mulch for Enhanced Garden Growth and Weed Control - Parklea Sand & Soil


Choosing the perfect garden mulch is a nuanced decision that hinges on your specific gardening goals and preferences. If you need an expert’s advice on choosing the perfect garden mulch for your garden, feel free to reach out to us!