VintageStone Blocks

VintageStone Block

Size: 455L x 315W x 200H

VintageStone 90° Corner

Size: 440L x 210W x 200H

VintageStone Cap

Size: 455L x 310W x 100H

Hawkesbury Yellow

Arrinastone-Hawkesbury Yellow

Vintagestone combines the structural robustness of an interlocking pin system with elegance and durability, resulting in a sleek and rigid design.
This product is great for straight walls, steps and corners which can be engineered up to 12 metres in height.

For more information on Vintagestone Blocks see the attached link below:

Vintagestone Brochure

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst all care has been taken to provide you with a good indication of colour, you should always sight product samples before use. Due to natural variations in Clay / Concrete and Stone products, colours & sizes may vary. Products may vary from image provided.