Evergreen Lawn Blend

Exclusive to Parklea Sand and Soil, Evergreen Lawn Blend is our premium lawn care solution; specially designed for use as both a superior turf underlay and topdressing soil.

This special blend of washed sand and finely composted organic matter is formulated to achieve the perfect balance between promoting drainage, and releasing those much needed nutrients into your lawn, allowing it to flourish.

It's lightweight composition puts less strain on a growing lawn when topdressing. This not only provides rapid growth, but also allows the material to be spread with extreme ease.

Whether you are landscaper or simply looking to enhance your own home, Evergreen Lawn Blend is your number 1 turf underlay and topdressing material.


When using underneath turf we recommend applying Evergreen Lawn Blend at a thickness of between 50 and 100mm. It is essential to compact or roll the soil when using it at the maximum depth to prevent uneven surfaces and soft spots.

When using to top-dress your lawn we recommend applying Evergreen Lawn Blend at a thickness of approximately 15mm to 20mm, and then raking or brooming the soil into your lawn so that the tips of the grass are exposed to natural sunlight. It is critical that you do not apply the soil too thick, as this can essentially suffocate and burn your lawn. Once applied it is important to water your lawn and then continue to do so lightly each day until the soil breaks down into the turf; this usually takes around one week to achieve.

Organic Turf Underlay is available by the cubic metre.

Unsure of how much material you need?

To assist you in your latest project we have provided a convenient Quantity Calculator that will guide you through any job. Please note that this is only to be used as a guide.

Rectangle or Square

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Triangle Beds

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