DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo

DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo is Australia’s premier turf, specifically designed to suit Australia’s harsh climate.

Sir Walter Buffalo is number 1 in all around lawn performance. It has superior drought resistance, disease and fungus resistance, performs better in the shade and sun than any other turf, and is extremely hardy once it is established.
To add to this impressive list, Sir Walter Buffalo also has a high weed resistance, is self repairing and tolerates high levels of salt.

If you are looking for a lush green turf that is beautifully soft under foot, and will completely outperform all others, then look no further than Sir Walter Buffalo; Australia’s Number 1 Buffalo lawn.

Remember your turf is only as good as the soil it is laid upon. For advice on what soil will best suit your situation please call us on (02) 9626 9549 or (02) 4572 7549.

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