Galvanised RendaBar

Parklea Sand and Soil offers a range of extremely high quality, AUSTRALIAN MADE, hot dipped galvanised steel Render Bars, also known as Rendabars.

These Render Bars are specifically designed and tested to support brickwork above window and door openings, whilst still allowing for a render coat to be applied.

They are up to 40% lighter than conventional steel lintels, and exceed all Australian Standards. This includes the Manufacturer’s Standards AS 2699.3–2002 and AS 3700–2001, as well as the R3 durability rating requirements of AS 4680 Code.

These great quality Render Bars are available for pick up or delivery. However they are only available via pre order as stock is not regularly kept in the yard. Please allow 1 to 2 working days for stock to be ordered in.

Below you will find a guide on the recommended safe load bearing capabilities of our Galvanised Render Bars, courtesy of Lintel Supplies and TEXO.

Gal-Rendabar Safe Load Table