Local Products from Parklea

When it comes to sourcing materials for landscaping projects, opting for local products offers numerous benefits. At Parklea Sand & Soil, we take pride in offering a wide selection of locally sourced products that cater to various landscaping needs. Let’s delve into the range of local products from Parklea and explore how they can elevate your outdoor spaces.


A bag of fertilisers on soil. Landscaping supplies in Sydney, by Parklea Sand & Soil.

Garden Mixes: Enhancing Soil Health

Garden mixes play a crucial role in nurturing healthy plants and vibrant gardens. At Parklea, we offer a range of garden mixes meticulously crafted to provide optimal nutrition and drainage for your plants. From native mixes ideal for indigenous flora to premium blends enriched with organic matter, our garden mixes ensure superior soil health for thriving greenery.


Mosaic patterns garden floor made using decorative pebbles available at Parklea Sand & Soil.

Decorative Pebbles: Adding Texture and Style

Nothing enhances the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces quite like Decorative Pebbles. Our selection of locally sourced pebbles includes a variety of colours, sizes, and textures to suit any landscaping theme. Whether you’re creating pathways, accentuating garden beds, or designing water features, these pebbles add texture and style to your outdoor oasis. Check out our guide on using decorative pebbles for landscaping here.


Quality topsoil by Parklea Sand & Soil. Sydney Landscapers' Guide.

Sands: Building a Solid Foundation

Sands are the foundation of many landscaping projects, from paving to turf installation. At Parklea, our range of locally sourced sands includes options such as Sydney Sand, Washed River Sand, and White Brickie Sand. These sands provide the perfect base for paving, promote proper drainage, and support healthy turf growth, ensuring the success of your outdoor endeavours.


Mulching- applying a layer of organic mulch, such as wood chips or straw, to the soil surface. Improves soil insulation and water retention. Supplies by Parklea Sand & Soil. Local Products from Parklea.

Mulches: Enhancing Soil Moisture and Weed Suppression

Mulches are essential for retaining soil moisture, suppressing weeds, and regulating soil temperature. Our locally sourced mulches, including Cypress Pine Mulch and Eucalyptus Mulch, offer both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits for your garden. Whether you’re mulching flower beds, vegetable gardens, or tree surrounds, our mulches provide an effective solution for maintaining soil health.


Hand with handful of soil, testing quality of soil. Mixed soil formula from Parklea Sand & Soil. Local Products from Parklea.

Topsoil and Turf Underlay: Fostering Lush Lawns

Achieving a lush, green lawn starts with quality Topsoil and turf underlay. At Parklea, our locally sourced blends, such as Evergreen Lawn Blend and 80:20 Sandy Loam, provide the perfect foundation for healthy turf growth. These blends are carefully formulated to promote root development, improve soil structure, and enhance overall lawn vitality.


Quality topsoil by Parklea Sand & Soil. Sydney Landscapers' Guide. Local Products from Parklea.

Natural Aggregates: Building with Durability

For construction and hardscaping projects, durable Aggregates are essential for creating sturdy foundations and structures. Our locally sourced aggregates, including Blue Metal and Crushed Sandstone, meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Whether you’re building roads, pathways, or retaining walls, these aggregates ensure long-lasting results.


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Elevate Your Landscaping Projects with Local Products

In conclusion, opting for local products from Parklea Sand & Soil offers numerous advantages for your landscaping endeavours. From enhancing soil health with garden mixes to adding texture with decorative pebbles, our locally sourced products are tailored to meet the diverse needs of landscapers. Whether you’re tackling a small garden makeover or a large-scale landscaping project, our range of local products provides the foundation for success. Contact us today and elevate your outdoor spaces with Parklea Sand & Soil.