Alcor Flashing Uses

This article delves into the multifaceted uses of Alcor flashing, highlighting its pivotal role in addressing the critical issue of moisture control within the realm of construction. In any construction project, managing moisture is a top priority, and the choice of materials can significantly impact the outcome. This is where Alcor flashing emerges as a game-changer. We embark on a comprehensive exploration of the versatile applications of Alcor flashing, revealing its indispensable contribution to achieving the ultimate moisture control that construction demands.


1. Damp-Proof Course

Alcor flashing is primarily known for its role as a damp-proof course in masonry construction. It acts as a barrier, deterring moisture from rising through concrete slabs and internal walls. This function is vital for maintaining the integrity of the structure.

Concrete slab floors applied with Alcor flashing for waterproofing.


2. Window and Door Flashing

One of the essential uses of Alcor is in window and door flashing. It creates a watertight seal around windows and doors, preventing water infiltration and safeguarding the interior from potential water damage.

Window frame applied with Alcor flashing for waterproofing.


3. Valley Flashing

In roofing applications, Alcor is employed as valley flashing. It directs water away from roof valleys, preventing leaks and potential structural damage. This is a critical use for maintaining the longevity of the roof.

Roof valleys applied with Alcor flashing for waterproofing. Available at Parklea Sand & Soil.


4. Ant Capping

Another important application of Alcor is as an ant capping. It provides a barrier to deter ants from entering the building through wall cavities, which can be a common issue in some areas.

Ants prevented from entering window/door due to Alcor flashing.


In summary, Alcor flashing plays a vital role in construction, primarily focusing on moisture control and preventing water infiltration. This makes it a cornerstone for critical areas like foundations, openings, and roofs. Its effectiveness against moisture-related issues, including corrosion and mould, cements its importance in the construction industry.

Furthermore, Alcor flashing’s versatility shines as it adapts to various construction scenarios. Whether safeguarding foundations from groundwater or ensuring transitions like doors, windows, and roofs remain moisture-free, it offers a complete solution. Its adaptability and efficiency make it a must-have for construction professionals, improving project longevity and safety. Essentially, Alcor flashing silently guards structures against moisture, a key adversary. Explore our landscaping supply portfolio by clicking here for all your landscaping needs.

This article aims to offer general insights, increase awareness, and facilitate education on the topic. It should not be considered a definitive handbook and should be used alongside the guidelines outlined in the National Construction Code (accessible at