ZAM® Steel Angled Stakes (Zinc Hi-Ten®)

Angled Stakes are available in REDCOR® & Zinc Hi-Ten® finishes. Zinc Hi-Ten® replaces both our Galvanised and ZAM® angled stakes, to provide the strongest possible option at a cheaper price point.

Zinc Hi-Ten® Angled stakes are specially designed for heavy duty applications. They provide superior strength for all jobs and can even be used as supports for retaining walls.

When installing Angled Stakes, it is best to follow the same principal as with Tapered Stakes; use 3 stakes per length of edging, spaced approximately 800mm apart. If you are using Angled Stakes for a higher strength job, or highly stressful applications such as retaining walls, then it is highly recommended to increase this quantity to 4 stakes per length.
The general rule of thumb when choosing the correct stake for your job is to make sure that the stake is a minimum of twice your edging profile height.

When using Zinc Hi-Ten® Angled Stakes, it is very important to only use a Rubber Mallet to knock them into the ground. This is to ensure that you do not fold over the metal lip, as doing so will make it impossible to fit under your length of edging.
For longer stakes it can be also be beneficial to pre-dig out the area where you will be driving your stake. When doing so we advise you to haunch the stake with concrete. This not only makes it easier to install your stake, it will also provide you with extra strength and durability.

Zinc Hi-Ten® Angled Stakes are manufactured in 400mm, 600mm, 800mm & 1200mm lengths.