Versastone® Blocks

Versawall® Block

Size: 400L x 215W x 200H

Versawall® Cap

Size: 300L x 250W x 60H

Versawall® Corner Block

Size: 390L x 215W x 200H



In a league of its own, there’s no product like Versastone® on the market!

This elegant block takes the DIY friendly design that the AdBri Versa® range is famous for, fine tunes it to be lighter and slimmer, then combines it with an Premium Shot Blast Stone finish. The result is like nothing like we have seen before.

Perfect Vertical Retaining Walls, Garden Beds, Curved Walls and Feature Walls come alive with Versastone®. Enjoy a professional Shot Blasted Stone finish that is sure to be the envy of the town, but forget about all the hard work!

For more information on Versastone® Blocks see the attached link below:

Versastone® Brochure

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst all care has been taken to provide you with a good indication of colour, you should always sight product samples before use. Due to natural variations in Clay / Concrete and Stone products, colours & sizes may vary. Products may vary from image provided.