Retaining Wall Blocks

200mm Series Grey Block Caps

200mm Series Grey Block Caps are laid on top of a finished Besser® Block wall using ‘brickies’ mortar. This provides a clean finish to the wall, hiding the internal core fill.

Arrinastone Blocks

Arrinastone Blocks offer one of the most stylish, affordable, and easy to install solutions when constructing a retaining wall up to 600mm in height.

Besser® Blocks & 200mm Series Grey Blocks

200mm Series Grey Blocks are the most common blocks used by landscapers for retaining walls and structural walls. Better known by the brand names Besser® Blocks, Australite and Betta Blocks, they provide a clean looking finish that can be rendered for that extra touch of class.

Excaliber Concrete Sleepers

Excaliber Concrete Sleepers are a locally manufactured Concrete Sleeper with looks to compete with the best of them, but pricing that stands above the rest!

Explorer Concrete Sleepers

100% Termite Proof, Rot Proof, Australian Made, and backed by a 35-YEAR GUARANTEE. Not only do Pioneer Concrete Sleepers look great, they're also Built To Last!

GardenStone Blocks

Gardenstone Blocks are easy to use edging blocks that are useful for creating borders, edges, garden walls and many more creative structures. Their unique design allows them to be used for both straight and curved walls up to 4 courses high.

Hastings Blocks

Hastings Blocks are a mortar-less block system designed to create a natural aesthetic. These structurally sound blocks are perfect for any 'do it yourself' project.

Heron Wall Blocks

Our premium textured block, the Heron range provides the smartest and most seamless look of any split face block. These flawless walls can be engineered up to 3 metres in height, without the need for costly structural reinforced concrete footings.

Keystone Blocks

The ultimate wall in commercial and residential construction; the Keystone retaining wall system is extremely robust and strong, allowing designs to be engineered up to 15 metres in height.

Mortarless Grey Lock Block

Lock Blocks are a mortar-less interlocking block system that provide a stronger and faster alternative to standard masonry.

Natural Impressions® Duostone

Duostone Blocks are an easy to use designer block suitable for any garden bed, feature wall, and retaining walls up to 700mm high. Their modern design and deep colours make Natural Impressions® Duostone perfect for entertainment areas.

Natural Impressions® Flagstone

Natural Impressions® Flagstone is a DIY block system suitable for both garden edging and retaining walls up to 700mm high. The unique rock face pattern creates a natural looking "stackstone" feature, sure to highlight any space.

Norfolk Blocks

The Norfolk Retaining Wall System is a stepped interlocking wall system with a ‘rock face’ textured finish and 17° stepped back design.

Split Face Blocks – 200mm Series

200mm Series Split Face Blocks are a coloured 'Besser Block' with a rough textured or ‘Split’ face. These popular blocks provide a very attractive coloured finish, that does not require any sort of render etc. They are available in a wide range of smart colours.

StoneFace Blocks

StoneFace takes the aesthetic charm of a reconstituted stone face finish and blends it with the convenience and practicality of a Lock Block. The result of which is a unique and eye-catching finish that is both clean and stable.

SydneyStone Blocks

Sydneystone Blocks provide a clean and contemporary design that is sure to liven up any setting. With their split face design, chamfered edges, and solid 90mm full length Cap, Sydneystone blocks convey a sense of grandeur unmatched by any other block.

Tasman Blocks

The Tasman Retaining Wall System is a premium retaining wall product for near vertical walls. The combination of a natural rock face finish in a wide array of colours, with a sleak designed capping system, creates a beautiful landscape solution suitable for any setting.

Uprite Concrete Sleepers

Combining the practicality of a lightweight sleeper, with double reinforced steel strength, and stunning Aesthetics; Uprite Sleepers are the Gold Standard on the market when it comes to Concrete Sleepers.

Valleystone Blocks

From creatively designed paths and courtyards, to unique garden edging and naturally textured garden retaining walls. The Valleystone system offers a unique and versatile design, that makes building walls, stairs and sweeping curves a breeze.

Versasmooth® Blocks

Versasmooth® Blocks achieve the smart, modern look of a rendered wall, without all the fuss of render! Perfect for everything, from Feature Walls and Garden Walls, to Engineered Walls, Perfect Vertical and Curved Retaining Walls.

Versawall® Block

Versawall® blocks feature a large split face texture, creating a premium rock face finish. They stack together seamlessly, making them perfect for all DIY segmental retaining walls, garden edging and planter boxes etc.

VintageStone Blocks

Vintagestone combines the structural robustness of an interlocking pin system with elegance and durability, resulting in a sleek and rigid design. This product is great for straight walls, steps and corners which can be engineered up to 12 metres in height.

Wallstone® 3 Blocks

A uniquely designed lightweight block, made to create a feeling of grandeur in the shortest amount of time! Perfect for Garden Walls, Edging, Beds, Vertical and Set Back Retaining Walls. Finish them off with a split or smooth cap to complete the final design and you're ready to entertain!