Premium Vintage Ironbark

Nothing but pure Vintage Ironbark!!

Don’t be fooled by cheap mixes, Parklea Sand and Soil offers 100% premium quality Premium Vintage Ironbark, the longest and strongest burning of all the hardwoods.

Premium Vintage Ironbark is a tight grained and extremely dense timber which has been dead for over 15 years. These properties give it superior burning capabilities, allowing our Vintage Ironbark to burn strong for approximately 6 to 8 hours with an open vent. This firewood burns so strong that once alight, it can not be put out by closing the vents.

Not only does our Premium Vintage Ironbark burn strong for extended periods of time, it also burns cleaner. You will find that when using our Ironbark, minimal amounts of ash are produced, and it is often only necessary to clean out your fireplace once per season.

Due to the density of this timber it can be harder to start, therefore it is recommended to use Kindling to speed up the ignition process.