Parklea Blend (Mixed Hardwood) Firewood

Keep Warm this year with our Parklea Blend (Mixed Hardwood) Firewood!!

Don’t be fooled by cheap mixes, Parklea Sand and Soil has you covered with our Parklea Blend (Mixed Hardwood). We take one of the longest and strongest burning hardwoods in our Seasoned Ironbark and compliment it with a Premium Yellow Box Timber to help kick-start your fire.

Yellow Box & Ironbark are both known for their superior burning capabilities. They are a tight grained and extremely dense species’ of timber, which in turn allows our firewood to burn stronger, hotter and longer than your typical firewood.

Not only does our Parklea Blend (Mixed Hardwood) Firewood burn strong for extended periods of time, but Ironbark is also renowned for burning cleaner. Due to the extended burning process, minimal amounts of coals and ash are produced, so you’ll be spending much less time cleaning out your fireplace.