Natural Impressions® Duostone

Duostone Block

Size: 300L x 160W x 100H

Duostone Cap

Size: 300L x 200W x 50H


Duostone Block Graphite-1


Duostone Block Graphite-2

Natural Impressions® Duostone is a designer block suitable for both garden edging and retaining walls up to 700mm high. The unique block profile contrasts a natural stone-like texture with a contemporary, smooth surface. This random fusion of designs produces a uniquely modern architectural finish that is perfect for entertaining.
Impressions® Duostone blocks feature a tapered design, allowing for the creation of unique curved designs as well as straight walls.

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Natural Impressions® Duostone

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst all care has been taken to provide you with a good indication of colour, you should always sight product samples before use. Due to natural variations in Clay / Concrete and Stone products, colours & sizes may vary. Products may vary from image provided.