Mortarless Grey Lock Block

Full Block edit

Standard Lock Block

Size: 398L x 190W x 198H

Full Corner edit

Lock Block Corner/End

Size: 398L x 190W x 198H

Half Corner edit

Half Lock Block

Size: 190L x 190W x 198H

50.31 Caps

50.31 Grey Cap

Size: 390L x 190W x 40H

Lock Blocks are a mortar-less interlocking block system that are used as a stronger alternative to standard masonry. Not only do these blocks provide a much stronger and sleeker finish, they are also much quicker to erect.

Lock Blocks can be reinforced to engineers’ specifications as required and comply fully with the Building Code of Australia requirements. They can be used anywhere that conventional masonry is used, subject to usual engineering standards.

When laying Mortarless Lock Blocks we highly recommend reinforcing them with Reinforcing Steel Rods, and then core filling with Concrete. This will produce the strongest possible wall.


For more information on Lock Blocks see the attached link below:

Lock Block Brochure