Geotech Fabric – White

Known by many names such as Terrafirma, Bidim, Geotextile or Geofabric, White Geotech is one of the most versatile landscape fabrics available. It is used by landscapers, plumbers and civil contractors for a wide range of applications such as weed control, erosion control, sediment control, retaining wall lining, soil reinforcement, separating dissimilar materials and any application which requires only water and air to pass through the fabric.

White Geotech Fabric is made from a non decaying, high strength polyester geotextile, which is graded at 120 GsM. This makes it slightly thinner than the Black Geotech Fabric, which allows for better water and airflow, whilst only slightly substituting tensile strength.

It is a premium grade geotextile fabric that outperforms all woven fabrics and natural filters within its many applications.

White Geotech Fabric is available in 1000mm x 50m rolls and 2000mm x 50m rolls. The 1000mm width is also sold off the roll by the metre.

For useful information on the many popular backyard/ landscaping uses of White Geotech Fabric, see the attached illustration below:

Geotech Fact Sheet