Galvanised Steel Edging Lengths

Formboss Galvanised Steel Edging is the most affordable, yet durable steel edging available.

Australian made by BlueScope Steel Australia, this product has a 10-year structural guarantee, ensuring that you can be confident when installing Formboss in any application.

Formboss Galvanised Steel Edging can be used to create seamless designs in practically all garden environments; whether you’d like to make a sleek garden bed, Retaining Wall or Garden Ring, we have the material for you.
Thicker gauges are also available for a range of commercial and industrial applications such as edging for commercial pathways and driveways, and even as a reusable concrete formwork. Our industrial gauges are available by special order and will last up to 40 years in the ground.

To get the most out of your Galvanised steel edging we recommend using Cold Galvanised Spray Paint to cover any areas you screw or cut. This will ensure maximum protection of your galvanised edging and drastically improve its life spans. If surface rust arises in areas that have been damaged by lawn mowers, &/or edgers etc. simply brush down the area with a wire brush, ensure it is dry, and coat with Cold Galvanised Spray Paint.

Formboss Galvanised Steel Edging provides a neutral colour edging that will contrast most designs and can be easily worked into any garden. However, if you desire something more unique then our Galvanised Steel Edging is also compatible with most types of paint and powder coating.


Formboss Galvanised Steel Edging is pre-cut to 2.44M lengths, and is available in the following profile heights:

75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 185mm, 230mm, 290mm, 390mm & 580mm.

For a handy installation guide, CLICK HERE.

All Galvanised Steel profile heights are also available in Pre-Made Garden Rings at 777mm, 1165mm & 1554mm diameters.