Couch (Nullabor Couch)

Nullabor Couch is specially selected by Lawn Solutions Australia as the very best performing of all the Couch turf varieties.

Although Couch is notorious for being a high maintenance grass, Nullabor couch is by far the easiest variety of Couch to maintain.
Nullabor Couch grows best when exposed to full sunlight, and when maintained under these conditions it produces a rich, dense, dark green coverage that locks in tight. This allows it to be mowed at lower heights than any other turf (best performance is achieved when mown at 15-25mm), providing a beautiful and lush lawn, that when maintained properly, makes for the ideal bowling green, golf tee, or perfectly manicured lawn.

Nullabor Couch does not perform well in the winter months, however its low dormancy and rapid recovering properties allow it to repair and begin early growth immediately after the winter months.

It is recommended to fertilise 2-3 times per year, as this will enhance the vigorous, dense growth of your turf.

If you are looking for a perfectly manicured lawn that will stand out above the rest, then Nullabor Couch is your ideal turf.

Remember your turf is only as good as the soil it is laid upon. For advice on what soil will best suit your situation please call us on (02) 9626 9549 or (02) 4572 7549.

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