Concrete Pavers

200mm Series Grey Block Caps

200mm Series Grey Block Caps are laid on top of a finished Besser® Block wall using ‘brickies’ mortar. This provides a clean finish to the wall, hiding the internal core fill.

Broadway Pavers

400mm Broadway Pavers provide a contemporary look to the everyday living area, courtyard, path, or general outdoor space.

Colour Stone Easy Pave Flag Paver

Colour Stone Easy Pave (also known as Colourstone) is an attractive and economical medium sized square paver, that is suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Coloured Precast Pavers

500mm x 500mm Coloured Precast Pavers, or Precast Slabs, are a premium grade of textured concrete pavers that are popularly used for all decorative applications. They provide the cleanest looking finish of all pavers, which can be attributed to the quality steel moulds which they are produced in. These pavers also boast a high strength concrete rating of 44Mpa.

Edging Paver / 60mm Metric Pavers

Edging Pavers or 60mm Metric Pavers as they are also known, are small concrete pavers that are used for all types of edging, paths and driveways. These pavers are extremely popular do to their ease of use and versatility.

Havenslab 50mm Pavers

Havenslab 50mm Pavers are a stylish large format paver that can provide a sense of grandeur to any setting. These slip resistant pavers are perfect for any Garden path, Courtyard or Footpath and are available in 4 colours.

Plain Concrete Pavers

Plain concrete pavers are an ideal paver for paths, underneath garden sheds, around clotheslines, under air conditioner units etc.