Blood and Bone

Blood and Bone is a slow release organic fertiliser that is rich in Nitrogen and Phosphorus. This fertiliser comprises of blood and bone meal which is then blended with animal manure.

Blood and Bone is a versatile fertiliser that provides long lasting nutrients to all types of plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. however it is not highly recommended for native plants.

It is ideal for giving extra colour and strength to all plants, and for providing fruits and vegetables with extra flavour.


Fruits, Vegetables, Shrubs and Flowers

For Fruits, Vegetables, Shrubs and Flowers, apply approximately 100g per square metre throughout the soil and water in well. Make sure to keep approximately 10cm away from the stems of all plants, and when applicable, apply around the drip zone (an imaginary circle on the ground under the tree, that corresponds to the outer edge of the leaf canopy) of trees etc.


For Lawn, apply approximately 75g per square metre during Spring or Autumn. Spread evenly across existing lawn, or rake into your Turf Underlay soil before laying new turf.