Banana Special

A long time favourite, Banana Special is an organic based fertiliser that is specially formulated for fruits and vegetables. It is also used as a general fertiliser for most types of plants and lawns (not recommended for native plants). The special blend of minerals promote rapid and healthy plant growth, whilst providing long term food for your plants and turf.



Apply approximately 100-150g per square metre prior to planting the crop. After planting apply 25-30g per square metre every 4 weeks.

Fruit Trees

For young trees, apply 100-150g per square metre to the drip zone (an imaginary circle on the ground under the tree, that corresponds to the outer edge of the leaf canopy) in late Winter and late Summer (July and February).

For mature trees, apply 500g per tree for each year of growth (up to a maximum 3kg per tree), to the drip zone during late Winter/early Spring.


Apply 100-150g per square metre to the drip zone in early Spring. Where possible work into the soil surface or mulch over with a good organic mulch.


Apply 70-100g per square metre prior to planting and a small amount (approximately 35-50g) following the formation of buds.


Apply approximately 50g per square metre in Spring and Autumn. Banana Special can be used in conjunction with Sulphate of Ammonia to the promote rapid greening of lawns.
Prior to laying turf, evenly spread Banana Special onto the soil surface and rake into the soil at a depth of approximately 5cm. It is important to water the fertiliser in well.

For established lawn areas, spread evenly over the area and water in well.