Turf Products

Banana Special

A long time favourite, Banana Special is an organic based fertiliser that is specially formulated for fruits and vegetables. It is also used as a general fertiliser for most types of plants and lawns (not recommended for native plants). The special blend of minerals promote rapid and healthy plant growth, whilst providing long term food for your plants and turf.


Gypsum is a natural clay breaker that helps to drastically improve and condition heavy clay soils; breaking down the clay into a workable and crumbly form. This allows water to penetrate through the clay soil, helping the roots of plants and turf to move freely and absorb the essential nutrients needed to survive. A high calcium content in Gypsum also assists in increasing the nutrient intake of plants and turf etc.

Lawn Rescue

Lawn Rescue is an effective fertiliser that is specially designed to promote the early development of root systems in turf, whilst maximising its water retention properties. This makes it the perfect kick start to all new lawns, as well as a great solution for revamping tired, old lawns.