Fertilisers & Garden Care

Cow Manure

This pure organic Cow Manure is aged and composted. Such a process kills pathogens and weeds, and eliminates the naturally high levels of ammonia that can be found in cow manure. Due to this process, and also to the fact that cow manure is naturally low in nitrogen, our cow manure is one of the most versatile manures available.


Gypsum is a natural clay breaker that helps to drastically improve and condition heavy clay soils; breaking down the clay into a workable and crumbly form. This allows water to penetrate through the clay soil, helping the roots of plants and turf to move freely and absorb the essential nutrients needed to survive. A high calcium content in Gypsum also assists in increasing the nutrient intake of plants and turf etc.

Nitrophoska Special

Nitrophoska Special is a Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium compound fertiliser that is specially formulated for Fruits and Vegetables.

The specific blend of nutrients in Nitrophoska Special are designed to maximise crop yield and provide you with stronger and healthier crops.

Organic Advance Plus+

Organic Advance Plus+ is an organic poultry based mixture sold in pellet form. It is a blend of blood and bone, gypsum, seaweed extract, fish meal, rock materials, sulphate of potash and dolomite.

This unique blend of materials provides slow release nutrients to all types of plants and lawn. It also helps increase earthworm activity and provides an overall improvement to soil quality.