Redcor® Steel Edging

REDCOR® Steel Edging Lengths

Manufactured by BlueScope Steel Australia, REDCOR® Steel Edging is an Australian Made “Corten” weathering steel that provides an organic rustic look.

Despite its rustic look REDCOR® Steel Edging has an increased resistance to corrosion. It forms a protective layer of oxide on its surface which provides a stable rust-like appearance that regenerates as required over the life of the steel.

REDCOR® Steel Edging has fast become our most popular range, due to its stunning appearance, durability and wide range of applications which include vegetable & garden beds, tree surrounds and even small retaining walls.

REDCOR® Steel Tapered Stakes

Tapered stakes are ideal for profile heights up to 150mm high. They provide a great option for strengthening and anchoring your edging, and their sleek design makes them easy to secure into the ground. 

The general rule of thumb when choosing the correct stake for your job is to make sure that the stake is a minimum of twice your edging profile height.

For general applications we strongly recommend using 3 stakes spaced out evenly per length of edging. For best results secure one stake 400mm from each end and one in the middle of the length.