Cement Tips

Blue Circle Cement

EcoSYN-Lime Special Notes

  • Ausmix EcoSYN-Lime Brochure

  • After step one (Add water) it is okay to add a few shovels of sand like you normally would before adding the cement (so the cement does not stick to back of the mixer). ALWAYS ENSURE YOU ADD ECOSYN™-Lime IMMEDIATELY AFTER ADDING THE CEMENT. 
  • It is important not to over water the mix. However, during the summer months, you may wish to increase your water quantity to 14 – 15 litres. 
  • When the mortar is on the board, knock it up using the trowel before adding additional water. The EcoSYN™-Lime in the mix will lubricate the mortar, giving it workability without having to add more water. 
  • A measuring cup will be provided to you with every EcoSYN™ order. 1 cup is 150 grams of EcoSYN™-Lime.