Parklea Building Supplies

Parklea Sand and Soil is your premier destination for all your building supply needs in Parklea. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products to meet the demands of both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders. Whether you’re embarking on a small garden project or a large-scale construction, we have everything you need to ensure your project is a success.

Sand Products in Parklea

At Parklea Sand and Soil, we supply a wide variety of sand products suitable for various applications, including construction, landscaping, and more. Our range includes Paving/Compaction Sand, Sydney Sand, and Washed River Sand. These products are ideal for creating sturdy bases, ensuring proper drainage, and providing flexibility for your paving projects. Visit our Sand Products page to explore our full range.

Workers laying down/installing durable concrete sleepers from Parklea Sand & Soil.

Brick Ties & Wall Ties

Our selection of brick ties and wall ties is designed to provide essential stability and support for your masonry projects. We offer high-quality products such as Expansion Ties and Twisted Veneer Ties, ensuring that your structures remain secure and durable. Learn more about our offerings on our Brick Ties & Wall Ties page.

Damp Course & Flashings in Parklea

Prevent moisture damage in your buildings with our range of damp course and flashings. Products like the Aluminium Dampcourse (Alcor) and Lead Flashing are essential for maintaining the integrity of your structures by deterring moisture from rising through concrete slabs and internal walls. For more information, visit our Damp Course & Flashings page.

General Building Supplies in Parklea

Our general building supplies category includes essential items like Barricade/Warning Tape, Bitumen Expansion Joints, and BondCrete. These products are designed to meet the needs of various construction and renovation projects, providing durability and reliability. Visit our General Building Supplies page for more details.

General Hardware Products

In addition to our building supplies, we also stock a range of general hardware products such as Caulking Guns, Duct Tape, and heavy-duty wheelbarrows. These items are essential for any construction or DIY project, ensuring you have the right tools to get the job done. Learn more on our General Hardware Products page.

Lintels in Parklea

For structural support, we offer a variety of lintels including Galvanised Angle Bars, Galvanised Flat Bars, and Galvanised T-Bars. These products are designed to provide robust support for brickwork above openings. Discover our full range on the Lintels page.

Recycled Aggregates & Quarry Products

We promote sustainability with our range of recycled aggregates and quarry products. Items such as 10mm Recycled Aggregate, 20mm Recycled Aggregate, and Recycled Road Base are perfect for various construction needs. Explore our offerings on the Recycled Aggregates & Quarry Products page.

A pond surrounded with plants and flowers in a home garden. Creating a backyard oasis.

Reinforced Steel Products in Parklea

Our reinforced steel products, such as Concrete Chairs and Reinforced Steel Rods, provide the necessary support for concrete structures. These products are essential for ensuring the stability and strength of your builds. Learn more on the Reinforced Steel Products page.

Natural Aggregates & Quarry Products

We offer a range of natural aggregates and quarry products, including 10mm Blue Metal, 5-7mm Drainage Aggregate, and Crushed Sandstone. These materials are ideal for various construction and landscaping applications. For more information, visit our Natural Aggregates & Quarry Products page.

Bricks, Blocks & Pavers in Parklea

Our range of bricks, blocks, and pavers includes durable and aesthetically pleasing options such as Concrete Pavers, Natural Stone Pavers, and Retaining Wall Blocks. These products are perfect for enhancing the look and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Explore more on our Bricks, Blocks & Pavers page.

Laying brick walls for DIY brick fire pit.

Cement Products

We supply a variety of cement products including Bagged Cement, Cement Additives, and Tile Adhesives. These products are essential for construction projects, providing strength and durability. Visit our Cement Products page for more details.

Filtration & Erosion Products

We offer a variety of filtration and erosion control products to protect your landscapes and construction sites. Our Clinker Ash, Filter Socks, and Geotech Fabrics are ideal for managing water flow and preventing soil erosion. Explore these products in detail on our Filtration & Erosion Products page.

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For all your building supply needs in Parklea, trust Parklea Sand and Soil to provide high-quality products and excellent customer service. Whether you need sand, cement, hardware, or any other building materials, we have you covered. Visit our website or stop by our store to explore our extensive range and speak with our knowledgeable staff. We’re here to help you complete your projects with confidence and ease.